DeconGroup is a young group of companies specialising in the purchase of real estate, both homes and buildings.

Purchase of houses and buildings

DECON GROUP buys houses and buildings in the most interesting areas of Barcelona city.


DECON GROUP buys homes and buildings in the most interesting areas of Barcelona city. We look for properties that stand out for the beauty of their constructive characteristics, that integrate architectural elements typical of the modernist construction period so latent in the Ciutat Comptal, in order to generate added value through their rehabilitation and to make them charming homes.

The result is charismatic homes with a high degree of design.

These homes are aimed both at end clients who will make the home their residence, and at investor clients who are looking for high profitability by renting them in areas of special interest in the city.

Investors &

We create new alliances and partnerships through investors to develop our expansion project.


With a solid growth of our business activity and consolidated results year after year, and a growing investment portfolio, DeconGroup is committed to creating new alliances and collaborations through investors (Family Office, Investment Funds, Socimi, Crowfunding…) to develop our expansion project.